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Students Opportunity to Buy Art

A new piece of artwork is hanging in the hallway at Widefield Elementary School of the Arts. The artwork was chosen by three students after art teacher Katie Whatley applied for and received a $500 grant through the Cherry Arts Student Art Buying Program.

In a non-COVID year, students would attend the Cherry Creek Arts Festival held in July, meet artists face-to-face, and hand pick a piece of art to hang inside their school.

This year the festival was virtual, so our students viewed more than 30 artists' online galleries to choose a piece of art. After much discussion, the students chose painter Scott Coulter because they loved his realistic style of landscape painting and thought students and parents of all ages could enjoy his work.

The coolest part of the experience was meeting Scott in a virtual chat. He gave the students a tour of his studio, showed them his paintings, and talked about his painting process and his favorite pieces. Each student representative liked one specific element of his paintings-- one liked mountains, one liked trees, and one liked the paintings that featured water-- so they compromised and selected a painting from Scott that included all three! Scott’s incredible painting, O’Hara, is proudly displayed in a custom made frame (also made by Scott), in the front hallway at WESA.

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