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SOARing Bulldogs Information

1. What does the SOAR motto stand for?

SOAR stands for Safety, Own-It, Attitude and Respect. These four words stand for Widefield’s behavioral expectations of all students.

2. What is the SOAR Rule Matrix?

The SOAR rule matrix outlines how students demonstrate Safety, Own-it, Attitude and Respect in our school.  Specifically, the matrix outlines specific behavior in Widefield’s hallways, cafeteria, playground, assemblies, before and after school, during announcements and while in the office.

3. What are the SOARing Bulldog Tickets?

If your child is caught demonstrating outstanding Safety, Own-it, Attitude or Respect by a staff member, he or she might earn a SOARing Bulldog Ticket as a reward. They be placed on the Principal's 100 chart and random drawings will be given throughout each month.

4. How can I support SOAR?

Parents will receive a phone call when a child receives a ticket. You can also ask your child what SOAR means and how they demonstrate SOARing Bulldog behavior at school. You may also create your own SOARing Bulldog rule matrix using the template below.

You can download or print a copy of the SOAR Matrix HERE