Jennifer Donato 

WESA Families,


I hope you were able to relax and rest during spring break.  Although we are surrounded by uncertainty, it is my hope that maintaining connection and supporting one another will ground and sustain us during these unprecedented times.  If you should need anything from me, I am available by email.  I can be reached at:

In order to support you during this transition to online learning, I reached out to the D3 My Way Online Program teachers and I wanted to offer a few suggestions and strategies that they recommended:

-Try to create a "manageable" schedule that you and your students can follow each day

-Create a space specifically designated for school work, this will help prevent over stimulation and distraction

-Set goals for students (when schoolwork is complete, then electronics, games, outside time)

-Be flexible and patient, these circumstances are difficult for all of us

-Be gracious toward yourself!  Do not feel like you need to do this perfectly!

-Experiment with course work and real life situations!  For example, use food measurements and cooking to teach students math!  Making and eating cookies always makes a day better!

I have included a coping strategies page that can be printed or viewed so you and your student(s) can identify ways to process through and handle struggles.

I have also added some outside resources available should you and your family need mental health support.  Should you need something more specific, please reach out to me. 

Online Counseling Resources:


To Find a Counselor in your Area:


Other Important Resources:

-National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-237-TALK

-Emotional Support Help Line: 1-866-342-6829 (if you are experiencing anxiety or stress)

-Dial “211” for additional community resources (food, utilities, rnt, individual/family, community supports etc).  


The Widefield Elementary School of the Arts Counseling Center strives to support and reinforce student academic and social/emotional growth while promoting and encouraging career readiness.  Our mission is achieved by providing the following:

  • Monthly Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Direct Counseling 
  • Social/Friendship Skills Groups
  • Collaboration with Parents/Teachers
  • Middle School Transition Preparation
  • Available Community Resources
  • Demonstration and Encouragement of SOAR Expectations
  • SOAR Expectations: Safety

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