Contact Counseling:

Jennifer Donato

The Widefield Elementary School of the Arts Counseling Center strives to support and reinforce student academic and social/emotional growth while promoting and encouraging career readiness.  Our mission is achieved by providing the following:

Monthly Classroom Guidance Lessons

Direct Counseling 

Social/Friendship Skills Groups

Collaboration with Parents/Teachers

Middle School Transition Preparation

Available Community Resources

Demonstration and Encouragement of SOAR Expectations

SOAR Expectations:


Own It



During the month of October:

Kindergarteners learned about healthy choices and how their choices affect their health and ability to learn.

First and second grade students learned about small problems versus big problems and appropriate ways to solve problems.

Guidance lessons were taught incongruent with future profession projects. Students played Career Jeopardy and learned about a variety of different post-secondary professional options.

Fourth and fifth grade students discussed and acted out certain friendship issues and roles. Certain classrooms discussed bullying prevention.