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This is the home page for 4th/5th grade band. Here you can find updates to schedule, full band schedules (updated monthly), and homework assignments that your child should be working on. If you ever have questions, please email Holly Dowdle at dowdleh@wsd3.org.
Thank you for supporting music in our schools!

Supplies for Class:

  • Flute Players: Flute and Book every class (see below)
  • Clarinet/Sax Players: At least 2 working reeds (size 2.5, can be purchased at Meeker Music/Music & Arts), clarinet, and book (see below)
  • Trumpet Players: Trumpet, mouthpiece, valve oil, and book (see below)
  • Trombone/Baritone Players: Trombone, mouthpiece, valve oil, and book (see below)
  • Percussion Players: WSD3 percussion contract, sticks, book (see below)

 FOR HOME; Mallet Kit and mallets, practice pad

Book: Your child needs a book for this class. I do not provide books. The book is "Sound Innovations: Book 1 (blue book)". You can find it at Meeker Music for $10, or bring $10 to me, and I will get one for your child.